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Manufacturing Execution
System deployed within
24 hours.

SoftLi is a modern modular MES
that can be configured and operated by literally anyone.
Gain control of production faster
and increase efficiency by 20%.

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Revolutionarily fast and  easy implementation thanks to plug & play solution means an immediate increase in efficiency and faster ROI.



Connect any machine and/or any workplace and get an online overview of your production.



A modular solution with a wide range of user configuration options allow you to adapt MES to your own production needs and processes.

Proč Softli?

Why SoftLi?

Every production can be digital
Our goal is to make digitization accessible to all manufacturing companies, from the smallest to the largest. Industry 4.0 and the digitization of production are not just the prerogatives of the biggest players and multinational corporations.

An efficient tool for efficient production
A software for increasing production efficiency must be an example and be efficient on its own. Months of implementation, millions in investment and heavy maintenance have nothing to do with efficiency.

We do it softly: Implementation of the system in a couple of hours. An investment that everyone can afford. Maintenance you don't even know about.



Production monitoring

This is one of the basic features of MES SoftLi. Keep an overview of what is happening in your production: how the machines are working, where the bottlenecks are, what the current production efficiency is. Monitor key production parameters every minute and from anywhere.



Be able to trace product production data at any time during the production process. MES SoftLi records the identification of parts including their necessary attributes, which you can choose yourself.


Production planning

Would you like to plan your production optimally? Would you like to prevent production scheduling where it cannot be produced? Would you like to see the plan on a timeline and not just rows in Excel?



See the production data on the display in clear tables and graphs. You will be able to react to changes during the shift. Your employees will also see their KPIs being met on an ongoing basis.



Increase production efficiency and reduce errors with modern integrations. MES SoftLi connects via API to important business systems - typically ERP, but also warehouse, time and attendance, accounting and CRM systems.


Assembly and manual production

Assembly workplaces, any manual production, welding, painting or product assembly, all of these are always more difficult to monitor. In addition, where there are multiple activities per production piece, it is necessary to keep track of the duration of the execution, the performers of each task and their sequence.


Documentation and training

Are you also bothered by cluttered production documentation, checklists lying around, training records in various places?



Do you want to have your production hall in the palm of your hand? Always have an overview of how production is going?



The quality of production is one of its key parameters. 100% quality means greater efficiency of the company and consequently better competitiveness.



Get rid of delays due to waiting for maintenance! Call for help in two clicks directly from the machine terminal. You don't have to have a phone or find out who's on duty.




Choose the option that suits your needs and capabilities the best. You can buy or rent MES from us, install it on your own server, or use it as a service.


On premise – unlimited license

We implement MES on your server, in person or remotely. The license is unlimited in time, as well as the number of users.


On premise – subscription

We implement MES on your server, in person or remotely. The number of users is unlimited, the license is valid on a monthly/annual subscription basis.



MES runs as a service on our side. You don't install anything. We just connect the machines to Cloud softLi and collect the data.